College of Natural Sciences

UT Austin COVID-19 Modeling Consortium

An interdisciplinary network of researchers and health professionals building models to detect, project, and combat COVID-19

The UT COVID-19 Modeling Consortium unites scientists, social scientists, and engineers in developing innovative models that advance the surveillance, forecasting and mitigation of this unprecedented and elusive threat. Led by Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers, the consortium is actively supporting community workers and health professionals on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and providing decision-support analyses for local, state and national leaders striving to protect the health and well-being of our society.

To learn more about UT COVID-19 Modeling Consortium models and research please visit our Publications and Projections webpages.

COVID-19 Modeling Consortium News

National Science Foundation Award Paves Way for UT Center for Pandemic Decision Science

Delays in Contact Tracing Impeded Early COVID-19 Containment

COVID Forecasting Method Using Hospital and Cellphone Data Proves It Can Reliably Guide US Cities Through Pandemic Threats

Austin's east side shoulders greater COVID-19 burden and has lower vaccination rates

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System Linked to Operational Hospitals, Shorter Lockdowns, Lives Saved

Forecasting Resources Needed to Protect People Experiencing Homelessness During COVID-19

Vaccination rates, Healthcare Demand and SARS-CoV-2 Mortality Look-Back Shows Geographic Differences in Austin

Consortium Awarded Rockefeller Foundation Covid-19 Modeling Accelerator Grant to Extend COVID-19 Dashboard to Inform Local Decision-making throughout the United States

New Report Shows Potential Impact of Holiday Gatherings on COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Austin

New Dashboard Helps Parents and Educators Estimate COVID-19 Risks in Schools

UT Undergraduate Students Provide Invaluable Support for COVID-19 Research

Curbing COVID-19 Hospitalizations Requires Attention to Construction Workers

New Report Projects Increasing Coronavirus Hospitalizations in Texas

UT Epidemiologists Launch New Dashboards to Track COVID-19 Across Texas Communities

Early Spread of COVID-19 Appears Far Greater Than Initially Reported

The Risk That Students Could Arrive at School With the Coronavirus

New Tool to Guide Decisions on Social Distancing Uses Hospital Data and Emphasizes Protecting the Vulnerable

New Dashboard Projects COVID-19 Infections and Hospitalizations in Austin Metro Area

Hoping for a COVID-19 antiviral that limits virus spread

COVID-19 Drug Development Could Benefit from Approach Used Against Flu

For Each Day’s Delay in Social Distancing, a COVID-19 Outbreak Lasts Days Longer

Updated: New Model Forecasts When States, Cities Likely to See Peak in COVID-19 Deaths

New Model Forecasts 9 States Likely to See Peak in COVID-19 Deaths by End of April

Pandemic Model Shows Importance of Social Distancing in 22 Texas Cities

Coronavirus Spreads Quickly and Sometimes Before People Have Symptoms, Study Finds

Researchers Say Spread of Coronavirus Extends Far Beyond China’s Quarantine Zone